Tender No Tender Name Tender Fee PDF Status
02/7264/17 Replacement of damaged/corroded Aluminum Roof Sheets with sandwich panel, GI Purlins, sag rods…etc. in Urea storage silos at OMIFCO, Sur. OMR. 125/= download Open
03/7308/17 Providing Of Housekeeping Services OMR. 250/= download Open
04/7294/17 Operation & Maintenance of HAVC, Spilt, Window &Nitrogen Plant Cooling Systems at OMIFCO. OMR. 250/= download Open
001/2017 Advertisement for Sales of Surplus & Scrap Material OMR. 125/= download Closed
01/6953/16 Uniform for OMIFCO Employees OMR. 125/= download Closed


Pre-job meeting

There shall be a pre-job meeting with contractor after award of contract in which following points shall be discussed and clarified by OMIFCO:

  • Date and arrangement for orientation of contractor personnel
  • Completion of pre-job requirements
  • OMIFCO Contractor Administrator

Terms & Conditions

OMIFCO Standard General Terms and Conditions for Tender/RFQ & Order/Contract

Existing Contracts

Expires on 18-February-2017

Survey for Ammonia Storage Tanks

Expires on 28-February-2017

ARC for Lubricating Oil

Expires on 05-March-2017

Annual Rate Contract For Carrier & Auxiliary Gases

Expires on 11-March-2017

AMC Two Years Daniel Gas Chromatograph of 38-I Gas Metering S

Expires on 18-March-2017

AMC Of Fortigate devices & Cisco ASA Smartnet

Expires on 21-March-2017

Supply Stationary for OMIFCO.

Expires on 22-March-2017

Rate Contract for Metallographic Examination of various Vessels /Piping etc

Expires on 25-March-2017

Instrument Calibration

Expires on 25-March-2017

Calibration Gas Cylinder refilling

Expires on 31-March-2017

Hiring Bus Facility for OMIFCO Employees and Official requirements.

Expires on 31-March-2017

Management Contract for OMIFCO Recreation Club

Expires on 05-April-2017

ARC of Water Testing Outsourcing

Expires on 12-April-2017

Oxygen, Acetylene & Argon Cylinders Refilling

Expires on 30-April-2017

Annual Preventive / Breakdown Maintenance Contract for Lab.Equipments and Instruments.

Expires on 30-April-2017

AMC For Omifco Website.

Expires on 30-April-2017

Smartnet support for cisco devices

Expires on 02-May-2017

To carry out on line sealing jobs in OMIFCO complex.

Expires on 02-May-2017

Procurement of DEA

Expires on 13-May-2017

AMC for Chloride UPS Maitenance for 38-I Unit

Expires on 30-May-2017

Waste Scape Services

Expires on 31-May-2017

AMC dor data centre hardware

Expires on 30-June-2017

Ship Servy

Expires on 31-July-2017

AMC for Canteen Management System & Time Attendence System

Expires on 31-July-2017

Granulation LM Lifts Maitenance

Expires on 31-August-2017

Provide daily newspaper and magazines

Expires on 08-October-2017

AMC for PRDS Actuator system check

Expires on 10-October-2017

Genral Inspection for Diesel Engine of GT-A & GT-B for 2 Years

Expires on 17-October-2017

Maintenance of HVAC Unit & Window, Split, Package Air Conditioning units & HVAC chiller unit of Nitrogen plant at OMIFCO.

Expires on 19-October-2017

Annual rate Contract for Overhauling of Control Valves

Expires on 21-October-2017

Supply of Caustic Soda Lye

Expires on 22-October-2017

On Site DBA IT Support For One Year

Expires on 31-October-2017

Physical Verification of Urea & Ammonia stock

Expires on 05-November-2017

Maintenance and Calibration of Warehouse Weighbridge.

Expires on 12-November-2017

ARC Liquid Nitrogin

Expires on 14-November-2017

On Site Techno Functional IT Services

Expires on 16-November-2017

Annual Maintenance Contract For DC Control Panel (110V DC) Installed at Various Electrical SWGRs in Omifco

Expires on 30-November-2017

Two years contract for lifting equipment& cranes maintenance, load testing & certification.

Expires on 09-December-2017

AMC For Trunk Radio System

Expires on 31-December-2017

Procurement of K2CO3

Expires on 31-December-2017

Procurement of Glycine

Expires on 31-December-2017

Service protection system expert for Relay Testing

Expires on 31-December-2017

AMC for Mulit Function Device MFD

Expires on 31-December-2017

Services for repairing/refurbishing of various valves and manual operated valve actuator in the plant

Expires on 06-January-2018

Contract for providing specialists for maintenance of machine tools at mechanical workshop in OMIFCO for two years

Expires on 12-January-2018

Housekeeping Services

Expires on 28-March-2018

Catering Services Contract in OMIFCO Canteen

Expires on 31-March-2018

Landscaping & Hariculture Services

Expires on 07-April-2018

Charges For Servicing Of Poprvs / Vacuum Relief Valves On The Ammonia Storage Tank

Expires on 19-April-2018

Supply of Activated Carbon

Expires on 16-May-2018

AMC for On-line Seawater Tempreture Monotoring System

Expires on 18-June-2018

Telephone System Services Conract

Expires on 03-July-2018

Supply of Cartidges & Toners

Expires on 13-July-2018

General Maintenance Services Contract (GMSC)

Expires on 20-July-2018

Rate contract for hiring service for helium leak test in various heat exchanger and vessels

Expires on 26-July-2018

Contract for eddy current, ID, OD measuremnt inspection of primary reformer catalyst tubes & OD measuremnt inspection of primary reformer pigtails.

Expires on 13-September-2018

Oil Spill Response Services Tire-1 & Tire-2

Expires on 25-September-2018

Overhauling & testing of PSV/Relief Valves in OMIFCO

Expires on 30-September-2018

AMC Generator Control Panel

Expires on 31-October-2018

AMC for CO2 Fire Protection & Gas Dedection System of Gas Turbine

Expires on 28-November-2018

Advocacy & legal Consultancy

Expires on 30-November-2018

AMC for Security System Services

Expires on 05-December-2018

Adminstrative & Messengers Contract

Expires on 14-December-2018

Marine Environmental & Ecology Survey Consultancy

Expires on 31-December-2018

Cleaning Services Contract

Expires on 31-December-2018

Providing Drinking Water Service for OMIFCO

Expires on 05-January-2019

Drivers Contract

Expires on 06-February-2019

Service Contract for Custom Clearing, Freight & Forwarding /Transport Agent for Three Years.

Expires on 08-February-2019

McAfee Licenses & Support.

Expires on 13-March-2019

Supply of laminated PP/HDPE Urea Bags 50Kg Capacity

Expires on 14-April-2019

ARC for Pest Control

Expires on 30-June-2019

Documentation for exporting Urea & Ammonia