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Corporate Social Responsibility at OMIFCO is a business management mechanism and a vehicle to engage the company and its employees with the community and collectively determine the social-economic and environmental priorities in the community in line with the company's objectives.

In order to ensure sustainability is core to our business strategy, OMIFCO has begun the process of adopting sustainability management that integrates management of economic, environmental and social performance, with the aim of delivering value for all our stakeholders, i.e. government, shareholders/customers, employees, local community, partners and suppliers, and the environment

CSR Strategy

OMIFCO's community investments strategy ensures that OMIFCO's financial, in-kind, and human resources are strategically utilized to maximize benefits for the community. OMIFCO is looking to leverage its various resources and competencies in order to effectively support projects and initiatives that have a long-term and sustainable impact on the community.

OMIFCO has identified 4 Priority Areas of Investment.


Quality of Life Enhancement


Entrepreneurship & SME Development


Environmental Stewardship


Education & Workforce Development

CSR Hand