Football School


OMIFCO Football School

OMIFCO football school has been established since 2009 within the sustainable social project that attract young boys from age 8-18 years.

The main goal of founding this school is to benefit and develop the children skills and cooperate with the family and school for enhancing and encouraging several activities most important of them sport activity and also social and cultural activities and education.


Every year the school starting it season from the beginning of December to the end of May, in a line with the school educational year. The School has continues it is success year by year and it is graduated young people with high skill and fitness in football field.

OMIFCO football school one of the unique football schools in the Sultanate. It is consider one of OMIFCO initiative in the community investment, whereas OMIFCO has contract with Omani staff of administrative and training, health, media and sports specialist in field of discovering and improving the sport skills through an integrated program for six months.


In previous season 2011 OMIFCO football school has attract around 120 players, 8 talents were discovered and they have been selected to join Braem team in Al Sharqiya.

The schools work to attract the famous Omani football player to visit and encourage the young talent. However the school implements some visit to the community, sport clubs and doing some awareness program. In addition to that the School admin organize scientific trips and entertainment inside and outside Al Sahrqia Governorate through the program, which was prepared in advance for the players associate of the school.