Ammonia-urea fertiliser manufacturing plant at the Sur Industrial Estate in the Sultanate of Oman.

Oman India Fertiliser Company SAOC (OMIFCO) has been established, as the result of an initiative by the Governments of Oman & India, in order to construct, own and operate a modern world scale two-train ammonia-urea fertiliser manufacturing plant at the Sur Industrial Estate in the Sultanate of Oman. OMIFCO is owned 50% by Oman Oil Company SAOC (OOC), 25% by Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) & 25% by Krishak Bharati Cooperative Limited (KRIBHCO). The plant has the capacity to produce 2x1,750 MT/Day of Anhydrous Ammonia from 2 Ammonia Plants and 2x2,530 MT/Day of granular urea from 2 Urea Plants.

OMIFCO considers the issue of reducing the environmental impacts resulting from its operations as its top priority along with the promotion of production to raise the national economy.

Year Product Capacity Utilization, %
2005 Ammonia 102.36
Urea 103.24
2006 Ammonia 109.19
Urea 106.47
2007 Ammonia 105.70
Urea 109.16
2008 Ammonia 107.81
Urea 111.8
2009 Ammonia 105.68
Urea 114.28
2010 Ammonia 108.19
Urea 115.98
2011 Ammonia 108.98
Urea 115.69
2012 Ammonia 104.33
Urea 115.80
2013 Ammonia 108.80
Urea 118.45
2014 Ammonia 96.24
Urea 118.36
2015 Ammonia 106.48
Urea 117.21
2016 Ammonia 107.84
Urea 119.04
2017 Ammonia 108.34
Urea 119.4
2018 Ammonia 108.77
Urea 117.64
2019 Ammonia 108.61
Urea 117.1

As a commitment to continuous improvement in productivity & environment, OMIFCO has been awarded ISO-9001:2000 certification by BVQI since June '2008 for its Quality Management System.

The prime function of the complex is to produce ammonia and urea. This grass-root project consists of an Ammonia/ Urea fertilizer complex, together with all utility and off-site facilities (including the marine facilities) necessary to make the complex completely self-sufficient during construction or under any operational mode, without back-up facilities from any other source.


OMIFCO Fertilizer Complex has two Streams of Ammonia Plant and two Streams of Urea Plant. Annual capacity for Urea and Ammonia is 1.652 million MT and 1.15 million MT respectively. This project was built at a total cost of US$ 960 million.

The trial production commenced from plant one in March, 2005 and within a very short time of two months, the entire complex was commissioned and commercial production commenced from 14th July.